• Appearance of "Peddler" aliens.
  • Trade of 1,000kg of limestone for EXOFRAMES begins. Popularizes rapidly, mainly in developing countries.
  • In order to protect their automotive industries, countries such as the U.S., EU, Japan and China enter into the "Sankt Gallen Arrangement" extraterrestrial trade regulation agreement, which regulates the import and use of EXOFRAMES. However, a group of countries, including members of the African Union, defer from signing it.
  • Even after the signing of the Sankt Gallen Arrangement, the utilization of EXOFRAMES continue, and they begin to be used for military purposes in conflict area; especially in countries that deferred from entering the arrangement.
    "The Third Cabinda Conflict" in Africa: U.S. forces enter into the first battle between EXOFRAMES. EPISODE2
  • India announces its withdrawal from the Sankt Gallen Arrangement and becomes the first army to officially utilize EXOFRAMES. In the same year, their army's Special Mountain Warfare Brigade "Ladakh Scouts" battle on the Siachen Glacier with EXOFRAMES thought to be a Pakistani black ops unit. EPISODE3
  • Amidst the rising conflict between countries due to the use of EXOFRAMES, there is an increase in incidents of child soldiers being sent onto the battlefield in EXOFRAMES. EPISODE5
  • Though countries that proactively bring in EXOFRAMES, such as countries of the African Union, experience rapid economic growth, countries that entered the Sankt Gallen Arrangement suffer from economic recession due to the loss of automotive and heavy machinery exports. This is especially true in South America, where the unstable political situation continues.
  • There is a sudden increase of terrorist incidents involving EXOFRAMES across the globe. Especially in the Persian Gulf, where the constant raids on oil-related facilities cause oil prices to rise. As governments around the world fall behind in dealing with EXOFRAME terrorism, the presence of private military contractors (PMC) who oppose this threat with their own EXOFRAMES strengthens. EPISODE4
  • There have been various sightings of an unknown EXOFRAME unit bearing the mark of a skull in conflict areas, mainly those of Africa. Though it can be surmised they have undergone high-level training, their affiliation is unknown. EPISODE6
  • The Technological Independent Economic Cooperation Conference for young nations is being held in the Republic of Azania. Countries opposed to the St. Gallen Agreement - China, Egypt, and India gather at the conference to rally.
  • The Republic of Azania Land Force EXOFRAME Division appears in the country's National Day military parade. The sight of the army's militarized EXOFRAME marching in formation is broadcast to the world. EPISODE7
  • In Japan, "Konoka★Angel" - a bishoujo robot anime that features middle school girls fighting on EXOFRAMES becomes a big hit. EPISODE12
  • The prototype has been completed for Project Gavial, a secret Marine Corps tactical EXOFRAME project researched and developed at Area 51 in the United States. EPISODE8

  • The border dispute between Ecuador and Peru at the Cenepa River drainage basin lengthens. The intervention of the U.S. forces marks where the conflict spread to the entirety of the South American Continent. EPISODE1
  • Skull EXOFRAME unit appear on the battlefields across Latin America. Instability in the region increases. EPISODE9
  • At the Mexican-American border, large amounts of drugs are being carried into the U.S. by the wave of illegal immigrants using EXOFRAME. The United States is unable to come up with effective countermeasures, suffering from a prolonged economic depression. Combined with this, there is congressional debate over intervening in Latin American conflicts, and this has lead to increased criticism of the government. EPISODE10
  • EXOFRAME being used for offshore civil engineering has accelerated ocean development, but it has also led to an increase in conflicts between nations. In the Norwegian territory of the Barents Sea, a Deep Submergence operation EXOFRAME operated by a private company is attacked by a Frogman EXOFRAME believed to be from Russia. EPISODE11