The year is 2021. In spite of the restrictions imposed by the Sankt Gallen Arrangement, which was spearheaded by the United States and other industrialized nations, the EXOFRAME, a consciousness-controlled general-use humanoid robot distributed by the alien "Peddler", has spread throughout the world. Bowman and his unit, who have been gathering intelligence about EXOFRAME in various parts of the world, find out that someone is planning to expand the use of EXOFRAME on the battlefield. All the evidence pointed to Raila Reshep, the President of the emerging African nation, Republic of Azania. He is working as the de facto leader of the new African Union while also being the mastermind behind the mysterious special operation unit the Outcast Brigade that promoted the technological independence of developing countries by expanding the use of the EXOFRAME, which is available to everyone in the world for close to nothing. However, the report made by Bowman and his unit are destroyed by their higher ups. Bowman and his unit move forward with Gavial, a secret Marine Corps EXOFRAME development project in Area 51 to counter Azania.