The following is an excerpt from the question and answer session of the press conference held on the establishment of the Advisory and Investigation Committee of Alien Technology of the Executive Office of the President of the United States (EOP) after the visitation and start of "provision of technology by trade" with, also known as “Peddlers”, in 2014.

R. Gray(The New-York Gazette)

So, you're saying aliens are scattering 2-meter tall humanoid robots that surpass human technology across the earth in exchange for not even $100 worth of limestone? I wouldn't believe for a second that this is a fair deal. Could these aliens, called "Peddlers", have motives other than commerce ?

E. O'Brian (Francis Birch Geological Research Institute)

Though there are two major theories of limestone formation -- formation from biological matter and chemical precipitation of Seawater -- it may very well be possible that it is a resource born of the particular environment of this planet. I could definitely believe that something we consider to be common is a precious substance to the aliens.

A. Looney(NBS "24h Line")

Conjecture isn't helping. What does the committee think in regards to communicating with the aliens?

K.S. Brooks(Berkeley SETI Research Center)

Starting with a communication project utilizing NASA's Deep Space Network , based on the "Protocol for Messaging to Extraterrestrial Intelligence " directed by the United Nations Committee of the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space , they are being called on every level: from governments, to various non-government organizations, and even by individuals. Unfortunately, we have yet to verify an answer from them. However, from what we know of them from their call to us for "trade", they understand our language and the notion of economic activities, so we can confer it is possible for them to communicate, thus will continue to call out to them.

K. Yulger (VT Media News)

The robots provided by the Peddlers are quite human-like in form and, can actually, be operated by humans. Does this mean that the aliens are also creatures of the same shape and form?

O. Schneil(NASA Ames Research Center)

We need to think about this more. It is also possible that in the same way they analyzed our language, they also studied the human body before manufacturing this robot specifically for us. Either way, putting aside all presuppositions, from here-on out we intend to not just investigate the alien technology, but also more into the aliens themselves.

J. Won(Capital Post Online)

Since the start of trade with the aliens, there has been a spike in limestone prices in every country in the world. Places where it is produced have started becoming the target of speculative sales . Is it plausible that at this rate, limestone will be depleted and result in a shortage of the supply intended for architecture?

E. O'Brian

I wouldn't say that's plausible. The United States Geological Survey reports there are copious amounts of limestone across the globe. Though it couldn't be called an inexhaustible supply, with the amount available, humanity won't have to worry for the foreseeable future. The rise in price is only temporary.

S. Holhess(THUGS NEWS)

Think about it the other way around! I don't know how much stock the aliens have, but I bet the earth could buy all of it. As the previous speaker said, the alien's robot will become the replacement for cars, bicycles, even compact vehicles! Operation is simple. If that sort of machinery floods the earth for almost free, it would be a hard hit to the existing automotive and construction equipment manufacturers.

R. Lynn(National Science Foundation)

As you know, after contact with the aliens the stock market has been fluctuating violently on a global scale. Automotive and construction equipment manufacturers have been greatly impacted. Yet presently, wishful thinking is beginning to spread throughout the market. Because, what's important isn't the EXOFRAME -- the name we're advocating for their robot -- that's been brought to us, but rather, the unknown alien technology at use in it. If we can understand it, it would undoubtedly present a huge benefit to humanity. In the long term, instead of being dependent on the aliens, we ourselves will become capable of manufacturing machines of extraterrestrial technology to meet our needs. This is why we predict this upheaval to be short-lived.

S. Holhess

You mean reverse engineer it? But, wouldn't the use of analyzed technology by earthlings be an infringement on the rights of the aliens?

R. Lynn

It is unclear what sense of rights the aliens have towards their own technology. We might be able to obtain a form of license agreement if we were to negotiate with them.

A. East(National Bureau of Economic Research)

May I add to that? Economics are not a simple zero-sum game. Just as symbolized with the problem of the North-South economic divide, there is still unresolved poverty in the world, there are many regions that still depend on animals and manpower for agriculture, and even regions were infrastructure isn't yet maintained where children must walk a distance of over 10 kilometers to draw water. More so than developed countries, those most impacted by the benefit of the EXOFRAME are none other than the people in these regions. I anticipate that this will be the power that contends with the rampant poverty of human society.

W. Singleton(Capitol Hill News)

It is said that the alien's robot operates by reading human brain waves. Could this have a negative effect on the human body?

M. Thomas(MIT McGovern Institute for Brain Research)

Though there have not been any specific injuries reported, we of course cannot make assertions in regards to the long-term effects. In addition, one correction I'd like to make is that the EXOFRAME is not reading something as so simple as brain waves. We know this because an EXOFRAME responded to a patient in a "persistent vegetative state" – a comatose state with a severe injury to the cerebrum. The EXOFRAME responds to something else… at this point, for convenience sake, I can only call it "our consciousness". There is no other way to say it. In other words, the EXOFRAME is not limited to being a vehicle or piece of construction equipment, but rather, could also be applicable to the medical field.

T. Takahashi(NIKKYO Communications)

We know that the EXOFRAME has a lot of potential. Now, is there perhaps potential for this splendid technological production to be put to military use?

J.M. Campbell(moderator)

You mean, make use of the EXOFRAME as a weapon?

E. Elton(RAND Army Research Division, Arroyo Center)

Though the technology is threatening, as a weapon it isn't a threat against present arms. Its applications for military purposes are limited. In other words, even with the use of alien technology, it wouldn't be possible to turn your country's animation into a reality.

(Hall fills with laughter)